It's Pong, but it has gravity.

  • Use ARROWS and WASD keys to move:
  • Up Arrow and W to Jump.
  • Press ENTER to start game.
  • Agree on the score you want to play to. Press ENTER.
  • DOUBLE JUMP to hit the ready button.
  • When the ball touches your WALL, the other player GETS a POINT.
  • When the ball touches your FLOOR, you LOSE a POINT.

If you use a game pad, use the D-Pad to navigate menu options and the LEFT ANALOG stick to move your paddle. Press A to select the menu options and to jump/double jump. Press START at the end of the round to restart the game and select another (or the same) score target.

The twitter account shown in the game is no longer in use, please follow @el_GabeD instead, thx.

Install instructions

Unzip, enjoy.


Tennis 2 MB

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