So what now?

A Devlog.

It's been quite a while since I started this project so I decide to write this thing about the conception of the project and why I haven't made any progress since the beginning of the year.

The Beginning:

The first prototype was made as a blood effect guided by a " zack bell games" blog post, in fact, the code is pretty much the same (more on that later). I thought it would be fun to make the splatter have different colors every time the player clicked, so I did that. All that happened in June, 2016. Before I went to college for game design.

After getting all the documentation done and travelling, I was in college. Awesome. I was still thinking about the splatter prototype that I had but had no idea of how to turn that splatter demo into an actual game. In November of 2016 I decided to revisit the code and at least refactor it a little bit (it's still a mess).

It wasn't until January of 2017 that I came up with some mechanics that might make this thing into an actual game. I thought: "what if the entire game was invisible and you had to use the paint to navigate through the world". Which seemed like the most amazing game idea ever... Except for that game called "The Unfinished Swan". Either way, I posted the project page on the second I had something show-able. But made little to no progress since (there's still no downloadable build).

The Design.

So as I said, the game's motif is navigating an invisible maze by using paint. Colorful paint. That sounded cool, but as I began making the game, I realized that the game became very repetitive really fast. Every level felt just like the previous, but bigger. Not necessarily harder, just bigger. To add a little risk to the game, I also added a limited amount of paint. That seemed to solve the problem, but again, it felt like a common, arbitrary rule rather then a smart design choice. And that is pretty much why I stopped the development of the game so far, it's been very hard to design for. The game may look kinda cool, but it has no substance so far. The decisions I've made so far weren't elegant choices that made the game better, just more like a game. That doesn't mean I'll never come back to the project, I have been thinking about a few different directions to take this game, but until then, I'll just focus on other projects and expanding some of my previous prototypes.

- Gabe

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