This is a game thing I had to pull out of my ass for the LD37.

Try to find out the words that trigger items in the game. There is a story behind the room.

Might add items later, going through final exams though. I don't know. Help me I'm going mad, have an exam on Monday and haven't studied yet.



Install instructions

Unzip, enjoy.


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I hope your exam went well. I really enjoyed the idea of this game, but I couldn't get anywhere. I got through to "what is that?" and couldn't get it to progress. I types until my fingers hurt and couldn't get what the game wanted. Maybe a hint bubble or something would be nice.

Anyway, I liked the idea, I just couldn't get through it.

Thank you! The exam went pretty well :D. I apologize for this game, it was a stream of consciousness that never made any sense and It is almost impossible to finish it. Perhaps someday I'll turn this into a more interesting twine story or something. In the mean time, thank you for playing and I appreciate the comment :)